Health Truly is Wealth

After years of extraordinary good health and adventures as an endurance athlete, I lost my health after hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2000. For the next fifteen years, I  struggled, trying everything I and the docs who were treating me, suggested. At times, this woman who had done the Hawaii Ironman and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, was so debilitated that she had to lie down after a FIVE minute walk.

Soaring Seniors

While sick and debilitated, I had a much time to read and used that time to educate myself about how to gain/regain/ and sustain health. Now soaring, my mission is to help many others soar, too.

To that end, I am inviting seniors to commit to moving more this winter. Winter in Maine where I live is typically a time of being hunkered down indoors. I am also partnering with Good Shepherd Food Bank which serves the entire state of Maine to raise money to feed Maine seniors who lack the funds to buy food.

Health Benefits of Moving Outdoors

Increased energy * Improved Immune Functioning * Lessened depression * Better circulation in your body's cells, all 75 - 100 trillion of them *


The History of Soaring Seniors

How long ago were you a kid? However long ago that was, you've been taught by your experiences what your seniors years would be like. How many of those ideas and images were positive, upbeat, fun and productive?

Unfortunately, the cultural expectations all too often set us up to live in 4Ds as we age. Diminishment, deterioration, disease and then death.

Born in 1942, I am a Soaring Senior who wants every senior to soar. I am living a productive, zest-filled life and have created this site for all folks 50 and up who want to soar.

Why age 50? Because by that age most Westerners are experiencing subtle, or not-so-subtle signs of aging.


The best day to start soaring is right now. No matter what your current levels of health, wealth and happiness are at this moment, today is the best day to begin to change them so you, too, can soar. 

Please join our Soaring Seniors Challenge!

Hike For Health Series 2021

Disclaimer: Please contact your health care provider prior to commencing your Hike for Health, especially if you are a senior.

What the intention of the Winter Hike for Health is all about: to inspire, encourage and support you in  you in using the winter of 2021 to increase your health and fitness by walking more. 

It will be helpful if you write your goals, perhaps in distance of in minutes walking. My encouragement is to be outdoors as much as you can (our indoor air when we have our homes shut tight against eh cold get less healthy). However, if it feels dangerously cold or  sluippery under foot, by all mans do your wal indoors. Every step is a step in the right direction.

My intention is to provide encouragement, a good example, ides for health snacks as well as other ideas I learn as the winter progresses.